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Quincy VIP SUV City Ride exposéd in Handicapped Parking space.

In the latest Quincy Quarry exposé feature exposing the soft underbelly of the Koch Maladministration, Quincy Quarry found a VIP SUV with municipal plates parking in the only public handicapped parking space that is but somewhat close to City Hall.

Granted, while the Quarry did not have time to run the plates given the crush of publishing deadlines, it is the Quarry’s understanding that the “M85” prefix on a municipal vehicle license plate is assigned to City of Quincy vehicles by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. 


City of Quincy truck with M85 license plate prefix
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive photo

Plus, given the fact that a late model black Ford Explorer SUV is the usual city ride provided to senior Koch patronage hack appointments – except, that is, for the new this year dark gray and leather interior equipped premium upgraded Explorer SUV used by Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch.

Regardless of the facts, Quincy Quarry personnel on the scene did scrupulously check the vehicle as best as was possible short of risking facing criminal charges looking for a handicapped parking sticker of any sort or any other perhaps otherwise plausible signs that anyone using this vehicle might be disabled.


Mayor Koch’s new this year city ride?
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive file photo

Careful examination notwithstanding, no such signs indicating any physical disablement were found.

The lack of any such findings is especially troubling as not only was this apparent parking scofflaw taking up the only public use handicapped parking space available in Quincy Center that is but somewhat close to Quincy’s City Hall, City Hall has long taken up for itself a considerable number of reserved parking spaces both behind New City Hall as well as essentially all of the parking spaces in front of the Quincy Center MBTA station.


No signs of disability found on this parking hog
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive photo

Granted, the operator of this taxpayer-funded free ride may well in fact be handicapped, but the law is very clear: a valid handicapped parking use placard or license plate must be properly displayed regardless of the operator’s possible physical impairment.

That and ignorance of the law is no excuse even if such is clearly rampant among local officials.

Expect Quincy Quarry to continue to exposé parking abuse as well as all manner of other abuses wherever it may find them occurring in the Q.

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