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Quincy Fire Department to the rescue of parched trees in Quincy Center?

While out trolling for new news about Quincy on the ever increasingly mean as well as now also parched streets of the Q, Quincy Quarry personnel happened what was initially thought be a mirage.

Upon closer inspection, however, it was quickly discerned that it really was water and that the water coming out of a Quincy Fire Department fire hydrant was watering parched trees along the almost a year behind schedule Hancock Street Misalignment project.


One can never find a plumber when one is needed …
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive photo

Rather, to be more correct, at least some water was reaching the trees as some of the water was leaking onto the sidewalk and then ponding in the gutter.

Regardless, the Quarry personnel looked about for some Quincy firefighters so as to stage the obligatory photo op, but could not find any anywhere at or even near the scene of this dramatic, if not also unprecedented botanical rescue mission.

Also nowhere to be seen were yellow emergency tape rope lines, orange safety cones or any other sorts of public safety barriers cordoning off the rescue scene.

In any event, count on Quincy Quarry to add this the many newsworthy events that it is monitoring around the Q for possible new news developments.

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