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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Dogging it during the Dog Days of Summer.

Quietude during the prime summer vacation month of August isn’t happening this month, especially when it comes to any and all attempts by City Hall to try to slip things often especially slippery past long suffering as well as now also both heat and drought-stricken locals.

The reason why? 

Fat rat tartareQuincy Quarry News' unleashed hound

His bite is even worse
A Quincy Quarry News newshound

As usual, Quincy Quarry’s news hounds are out sniffing around as usual as well as taking their usual big bites out of the soft underbelly that resides inside of City Hall.

Further problematic, the Wall Street Journal has also been poking around the Q recently.

In a pithy Journal article, Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch is the subject of the lede in a feature story in Tuesday’s edition. 

The topic: how interest rates on municipal debt have risen dramatically recently.

And in arguably the feature story of the day on Monday, the Wall Street Journal detailed how for the most part most states and local municipalities have greatly trimmed their debt offerings in recent years.


Wrapping up things fishy
Not a Wall Street Journal file photo

Locally, however, it clearly appears that Mayor Thomas P. Koch plans in coming years to variously at least double the current all-inclusive debt total to fuel his spending habit on top of his having already doubled the local outstanding municipal debt total since he was first elected to office just over eight years ago.

Then again, such outsized spending comes as no great surprise to locals as Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch loves to spend taxpayers’ money.

Drink the Kool AidA Facebook photo

Drink the Kool Aid
A Facebook photo

In fact, Mayor Koch is repeatedly on record saying that interest rates are so low that the City of Quincy cannot afford to not issue even more debt (so he can spend even more money, ed.).

How long this will free-spending and surely record-setting spending binge will continue, however, remains to be seen.

Oh, and speaking of record setting financial binges, stay tuned for likely breaking very badly news for you know who as well as probably various others in the coming months.

Going one, going twice, going down nine times?A longtime bad Koch habit

Do I hear a six months off for that bit of information?
A longtime bad Koch habit

And when bad news breaks in the Q as well as we all know that it will, expect that Quincy Quarry will be there with the stones to cover it as only it can as well as has long regularly done.

After all, Quincy Quarry News has long been Google’s top-ranked source for news about the Q

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