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Quincy Center street light and tree double massacre carnage  still not cleared.
Fully a week after an ornate cast iron street light and tree were laid low on Hannon Parkway near its intersection with Hancock Street by an at least careless driver, the remains of the carnage are inexplicably still out for all to see and so be horrified.
These remains also pose all manner of obvious safety risks to the public.
Quincy Quarry considering trying to find answers as to why this mess was still a mess over the Thanksgiving weekend, but all of the City of Quincy turkeys appear to have flown the coop early and so enjoy a four day holiday weekend of food and football.
For example, the Quarry considered reaching out to City of Quincy Department of Public Works Commissar Dan “Spanky” Raymondi for comment.

Massacred tree and sap everywhereA Quincy Quarry News photo

Massacred tree and its sap spread everywhere
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

Fortunately, the Quarry City Editor noted that its news team has more important things to do than listen to Spanky go on and on and on and on even more about the hardworking men and (some, ed.) women at the DPW when the Quarry as well as ever increasingly more Quincy residents know better.
The Quarry also considered reaching out to the City of Quincy’s Park and Forestry Department for comment, but then realized that its tree trimming truck was surely booked up putting up Christmas lights around Quincy Center.
Overtime ghosts of Christmases Past? A Quincy Quarry News file photo

Overtime ghosts of Christmases Past?
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

Plus, there is only so much overtime possible for department workers before the numbers go so far past 24/7 levels that even City Hall would be hard pressed to deny excessive overtime grifting, especially as the streetlight and deceased tree would likely still laid to waste or low, respectively.
As such, when the carnage might finally be cleared remains to perhaps be seen.
Regardless, expect Quincy Quarry to monitor this latest mess in the Q until it might finally be cleaned up.
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