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Nixon on Hillary.
After primarily focusing on the Reality Show scrum that has been the Republican Presidential nominee race, Quincy Quarry opted to look to the Democratic candidates and who better to turn to for comment that the gimlet eyed as well as perhaps occasionally gimlet enjoying Dick Nixon.
The redeeming thing about Mrs. Clinton, if you like, is that her hatred is cold and pure. You rarely see that in politics now.

Additionally, courtesy of a for a surprising public opinion polling, Mrs. Clinton was inexplicably seen as the most favorably viewed of all candidates from both of the major parties to be the best person to address foreign terrorists.

Hillary blanches while watching raidA White House photo

Hillary blanches while watching raid
A White House photo

Apparently, those polled have forgotten about her role as Secretary of State during the murderous attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi Libya or her look of horror while watching in real time video taken by the US Navy Seal Team Six when it took out Osama bin Laden.
On the other hand, various of the Republican candidates are not exactly the second coming of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Secretary of State and General of the Army George Marshall, much less George W.
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