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Quincy mayoral campaign debates are now available for online viewing.
The Quincy Taxpayers Association has recorded all of the Quincy mayoral race debates and posted them on its YouTube channel as a community service.
As such, locals can stream any or all of the mayoral debates at anytime rather than staying up late to catch one of the not exactly frequently scheduled cablecasts of but some of these debates on QATV.
For reasons utterly inexplicable to Quincy Quarry’s technical expertise, while QATV has loaded up all sorts of videos, including all sorts of usually rarely viewed silly ones that were probably made on the clock during the workday by City of Quincy Director of Waste Management and thespian wannabe for viewing 24/7/365 via streaming video, it has failed to make the actually important mayoral debates similarly available for local residents.
In short, so much for providing actual community access television . . .
In any event, click on any or all of the links below to view the various major mayoral debate face-offs.
October 20 2015 Adams National Historical Neighborhood Association Debate
October 7 2015 Quincy Asian Resources Inc. Debate
October 6 2015 Quincy Climate Action Network Debate
August 18 2015 Quincy LGBT Debate
August 11 2015 Quincy Republican City Committee Debate
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