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Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch campaign fund trafficking going bust?
Quincy Quarry continues to follow the money – or at least what is left of it.
Per the most recent bank account report filed by embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch with the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance, Koch’s campaign fund bank balance has cratered.
The Koch for Koch campaign fund bank account balance is down by 62% over just the past two weeks as well as currently holds only a fifth of what was in it at the start of September.

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This little piggy is underwater
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Granted, spending increases are to be expected as election day approaches; however, incoming campaign “donations” have stayed stuck at an average of $7,500.00 per week over the past four weeks whereas the most recent weekly spending rate burn rate has increased to a new 2015 spending record of $42,804.94 per week average so far this month.
Further problematic, per the Koch for Koch campaign fund bank account information filed with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, Koch only had $42,204.68 in the bank on October 16 2015 with two and half weeks yet to go until the local general election on November 3.
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Overspending to end up on his tab?
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As such, if current “donation” and spending rates hold steady merely at their already considerable current rates, the Koch for Koch Campaign Fund Committee would find itself in at least a $10,000.00 deficit come election day.
Koch for Koch could find himself even further underwater by upwards of $20,000.00 – or more – as it appears that various full page newspaper ads run during the most recent Office of Campaign and Political Finance reporting period were neither duly noted or paid for by the Koch campaign. with even more possible if there are any more slow to book and then finally pay bills already outstanding.
As for specific recent spendings by the embattled incumbent, they include an apparently a but opening $2,750.00 initial payment to a new pollster.
Apparently, it would appear that the embattled incumbent is trying to find someone who can provide acceptable to him and thus dubious positive polling numbers in the wake of a recent negative for him independent media poll.
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Special interests money drying up?
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Further troubling is that the correspondence file between the Office of Campaign and Political Finance and Koch for Koch campaign committee is considerable, continuing to grow as well as clearly suggestive of all manner of record keeping shortcomings by the committee’s maladministration.
Dunning of the Koch for Koch campaign fund Office of Campaign and Political Finance correspondence includes chiding less than comprehensive Koch for Koch bank deposit records, missing or late-booked bills and various other shortcomings.
As the Koch for Koch campaign fund has averaged over three “do-over” refillings of its Office of Campaign and Political Finance formal campaign accounting reports over the years, often as a result of Office of Campaign and Political Finance reviews of Koch for Koch irregularities, one can only assume that Koch Campaign is continuing to also maladminister these funds as it has long also done with taxpayer-funded city budget appropriations.
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Money spigot closing for the embattled incumbent?
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Further problematic trends for the Koch for Koch campaign, not only have campaign donations steadily dropped in number and average amounts per recent Koch for Koch filings with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, immediate relatives of the embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch who live on his own street made last minute – and in some instances apparently at least rare –  campaign contributions.
Further still, these sizeable as well as late in the campaign season family members’ contributions both raised the average contribution amount during the most recent reporting period as well as that these but four contributions out of seventy-two made up over 11% of the total take.
Finally, the overall Koch for Koch expenditures actually paid this election year as of October 15 and thus with over two weeks to go to the November 3 general elections is somewhere between $499,512.79 and $516,527.79, depending on which set of contradictory Koch for Koch filings with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance report one uses.
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Follow the Benjamins
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Regardless of which ever is the actual figure, the Koch for Koch campaign has blown throw the prior record for single candidate spending in any previous election in Quincy going away and thus whatever is the final Koch campaign trafficking figure, it will an even higher new record even per an inflation adjusted basis.
In the meanwhile, at the current rate of spending, the final Koch trafficking bills are on track to go over $600,000.00, easily the most ridiculous amount of money ever spent going away by any mayoral candidate for any city in Massachusetts that is smaller than the City of Boston.
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