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– Quincy News from Quincy Quarry News
Quincy Quarry fact checks the record of Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch.
And the record is not a good one for either him and most especially not for the local taxpayers who have long been stuck with paying his bills.
Following is a QQTV News video exposé of but a few selected shortcomings from among all but innumerable problems to be found within embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s suspect as well as all too often suspects-filled records.

Expect even more Quincy Quarry coverage about all of the typically suspect claims foisted on the dysfunctional Koch for Koch website to follow.
As always, Quincy Quarry continues to boldly go where other local news media are willing to even but merely consider perhaps going so as to bring its loyal readers the real story behind all of the fairy tales all too often foisted upon them by City Hall.
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