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Quincy mayor’s race endorsements pile up against embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch.
In the wake of last week’s overwhelming primary election vote against embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch, School Committee member Anne Mahoney and City Councillor Doug Mahoney, the two challengers who did not make it to November’s general election title bout, have both endorsed surviving challenger and former Quincy Mayor Bill Phelan.

Mayoral line up for upcoming primary A Facebook photos line-up

Primary election line up now down the last two men standing
A Facebook photos line-up

While Phelan himself only received 22% of the vote whereas the embattled embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch received 41%, the math now looks to change towards upwards of 59% or thereabouts for Phelan come November’s General Election given these quick to be be offered endorsements of him by Ms. Mahoney and Councillor Gutro.
Duly embattled incumbent frowingAn old Facebook photo

Embattled incumbent frowning
An old Facebook photo

Further troubling for embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch is that he spent upwards of a going away record of $400,000.00 by the primary election day on his increasing unlikely campaign to save his political career.
Phelan, on the other hand, only spent around $76,000.00 or so through the primary election day.
Simply put, money does not necessary buy voters love as well as that campaign yard signs do not vote.
Expect more Quincy Quarry coverage on this breaking story.
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