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– News about Quincy MA from Quincy Quarry News
Quincy police came upon a 2004 Red Sox World Series ring while executing a raid this week.
Interestingly enough, the target of the raid was oxycodone and not high priced Boston sports memorabilia with undefinable historical value.
Quincy police also seized multiple police scanners, a money counting machine, and over $9,000 in cash.  All of this contraband of course pales in comparison to the value of the ring itself.
It was later realized that the ring in question had been reported stolen by a team employee.  This revelation closed the door on my personal theory that Bronson Arroyo had traded it for a bag of grass.
Three suspects were taken into custody during the raid, but at this time police are still unsure as to how the ring made it into the hands of a suburban drug dealer.
One would imagine that unless the suspects taken into custody this week were the ones who stole the bling, then it probably was stolen by someone else and then used to buy drugs.  In which case, somebody got absolutely fleeced.
Seriously, I know drug addicts aren’t exactly known for making the best life decisions, but way back in 2007 the going rate for those rings was $15,000.  And in 2011, former Sox pitcher Scott Williamson sold his ring for a whopping $89,000.
I don’t know what oxycodone goes for on the streets, but I feel pretty confident that if someone did use a 2004 Red Sox World Series ring to buy drugs that he or she didn’t get fair value.
Score one for QPD though, solving two crimes at once.
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