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Quincy Center’s new developers cited for liquor law violations in Allston.
Quincy embattled Mayor Koch rolled out with his usual photo op modus operendi his latest big plans for perhaps finally as well as actually redeveloping Quincy Center.
Also as per the all typical local usual, it appears that due diligence may well have again been overlooked by City Hall.
For example, one of the three companies involved are run by a couple of his cousins and another a local family real estate development company with a history of family issues.


Andrian Shapiro, LBC partner
An LBC Boston photo

Most of all, however, are things left unaddressed – or at least unmentioned – by the third leg of the redevelopment stool: LBC Boston & Partners Properties.
On top of LBC Boston’s hosting a company website that arguably baits more questions – as well as at least the occasional surely unintended giggle – than it answers, both LBC Boston and its two principles often make note of their involvement with the Russian Benevolent Society.
Not as obvious, however, is how this ethnic social club has expanded to include the open to the public upscale, if not also opulent, Crystal Restaurant as well as hosting partying well into the night at Garage Boston, purportedly Allston’s top night club.
Everyone has as a secret.  A Stolichnaya Vodka ad

Everyone has a secret
A Stolichnaya Vodka ad

Both Crystal Restaurant and Garage Boston are located within the same block of property as is LBC Boston’s corporate headquarters at 20 Linden Street in Allston.
Additionally curious is that it was reported elsewhere that Boston Police busted Crystal Restaurant in February for selling whole bottles of vodka to patrons in violation of the restaurant’s liquor license.
Other serious problems were also cited.
Alex Matov, partner/party host  An LBC Boston photo

Alex Matov, partner and party host. An LBC Boston photo

Boston Licensing Board Chair Nicole Murati Ferrer “. .  told club manager Alex Matov (and LBC Boston co-managing partner, ed,) at the hearing she was particularly disturbed because she’d called him after seeing an ad for Crystal offering bottle service for Valentine’s Day and told him he couldn’t do that. ‘You said you weren’t going to do it, and yet here you are doing it.'”
In turn, club manager and LBC Boston co-managing partner Matov apparently expressed confusion in his defense as to what was allowed and where within the several appended food and entertainment venues.
Party animal, publisher and Stoli drinker  A Stolichnaya Vodka ad

Party animal, publisher and Stoli drinker
A Stolichnaya Vodka ad

Additionally, Matov’s lawyer then stated at the hearing that “bottle service ‘is important to their culture, to Russian culture,’ and that the society will be seeking permission for bottle service.”
One can only logically assume that this demur did not fly with anyone on the Boston Licensing Board given that its members have surely heard it all before as well as probably also all too often.
Boston Licensing Board member Suzanne Ianella also noted that Matov would have to stop selling homemade cranberry vodka as state law requires that restaurants can only buy liquor from licensed wholesalers.
The final outcome: the Boston Licensing Board imposed a one-day liquor license suspension given the various violations.
Untouchable A Desilu Productions image

A Desilu Productions image

At the time of publication, Quincy Quarry was unable to discern if the Boston Licensing Board had made a referral to the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms over this instance of arguable bootlegging.
At the same time, the Quarry did find subsequent citations by the Boston Licensing Board  imposed upon the Russian Benevolent Society’s Crystal Restaurant and Garage Boston operations over all manner of other violations.
One of the many Koch Maladministration projects that have run behind scheduled A Quincy Quarry News Photo

Quincy City Hall fire
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

Additionally disconcerting, especially given Quincy’s some recent devastating City Hall fire, Boston authorities are further noted as having cited Garage Boston for fire exit shortcomings.
And as for other apparently Russian cultural traditions, Quincy Quarry must only properly also note that Garage Boston would appear to be a high end nightclub targeted at, well, arguably the MetroBoston Eurotrash demographic.
A Garage Boston Christmas party cage dancer?  A Garage Boston online photo

A Garage Boston Christmas party cage dancer?
A Garage Boston website video still image
Click on image for larger image

Reasoning underlying the above surmise include that Garage Boston features cage go-go dancers, exotic variations on belly dancers dancing about the club, dance music DJ’s as well as who only knows what all might be going on at what is promoted to be Allston’s top nightclub.
While Quincy Quarry is always up for a good time and will thus include Garage Boston among its options for its company Christmas Party later this year, it is not sure how well the Russian Benevolent Society and especially its two subsidiaries will play with locals already as well as understandably skeptical about the deservedly embattled Koch Maladministration.
After all, LBC’s recent proposal, since withdrawn, for but a simple hookah parlor on Cottage Street in Quincy Center went down in flames.
An ill-advised Facebook posting by Koch spokesmodel Walker

An ill-advised old Facebook posting by Koch Spokesmodel Backwalker

Quincy Quarry considered reaching out to embattled the Koch Maladministration’s well-known bon vivant and spokesmodel Pinocchio Backwalker for the usual overwrought – if not also way beyond over the top – over spun spin on Quincy Quarry’s latest exposé about affairs involving City Hall, but then decided why bother.
Expect Quincy Quarry to continue to look into deservedly embattled Mayor Koch’s new Quincy Center redevelopment partners and at least party animal enablers.
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