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Quincy City Hall is now trashed after being well-plowed during a winter that is finally showing signs of perhaps ending relatively soon.
As City Hall has wound down its so-called snow clearing efforts around town as well as cut back on suspected overtime grifting at the Department of Public Works other than apparently for certain among the usually suspected OT grifters, Quincy Quarry has found City Hall to be thoroughly trashed as well as full of trash.
While it has unarguably been a tough winter, one would think that the Koch Administration’s incessant as well as often inadvertently amusing trash clean-up and recycling promotional campaign would have some effect other than apparently encouraging trashing up things around the Q.

DPW's recycling robot "Tubby"A Facebook image

DPW’s recycling robot “Tubby” playing around at a Photo Op
A Facebook image

That and apparently the Department of Public Works’ expensive recycling remote control robot is incapable of recycling – or at least is as incapable of picking up trash as is the City’s Parks and Forestry Department outside of the always well-tended Ward 7.
Regardless of the facts, the fact of the matter is that City Hall’s grounds are a mess, ranging from trash on the ground to trashed memorials to military combat veterans.
Unless – that is – the empty libations found around one City Hall commemorative plaque were left behind by still surviving comrades in arms of the so honored in some sort of remembrance tontine toast and as once was portrayed in a memorable episode of M*A*S*H.
Tontine or just wrongly trashed?

Tontine toasts or just trashed?
A Quincy Quincy News photo

If so, such might be both understood as well as should thus be allowed to remain in place as memorial remembrances until – say – the much anticipated July Thaw or at least until Memorial Day.
On the other hand, if the items are but the accumulated debris of plowed and trashed locals getting trashed, such is both inexcusable as well as should be cleaned up as soon as possible.
Worst case, there will be an opportunity for locals to begin the process of cleaning out the arguable by-product laden stable and actually fire-ravaged construction site that is City Hall six months from now during the widely anticipated local political offices primary elections.
The Russian are Coming as well as a campaign slogan?

The Russian are Coming as well as a campaign slogan?
A Quincy Quarry News photo

Whether – or not – September will be soon enough remains to be seen.
Regardless, expect Quarry Quincy to continue to cover all of the trash at Quincy’s fire-trashed City Hall.
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