<![CDATA[Pending Crèche crime scene? A Quincy Quarry News photo
– News about Quincy MA from Quincy Quarry.
While the City of Quincy’s publicly-owned crèche continues to be unmolested for a change, crime against crèches is receiving considerable media coverage during the all but invariably slow holiday season news cycle.
A Baby Jesus in a crèche on the Greenfield Common was stolen and in Haverhill, a Baby Jesus was replaced with a pig’s head.
Further, the Catholic League has reported roughly a handful of dozens of crèche crimes nationwide.
Even more problematic, an English religious scholar was recently cited as suggesting that the account of Jesus’ birth in a stable is errant given less than adept translations from Ancient Greek scripture and thus the traditional crèche story is, well, not exactly accurate.
However well-reasoned as well as perfectly plausible are this religious scholar’s explanations, not to mention how the faithful should honor both Exodus 20:4 as well as the second of the Ten Commandments, it is only reasonable to expect that this also ordained scholar will still face all manner of rebuke, with Marshfield MA sure to be one of most virulent epicenters of dogmatic outrage as well as constitutional ignorance.
Either way or otherwise, Quincy Quarry will continue to follow this ongoing so far Christmas miracle in Quincy Center to see if it continues to remain safe until, say, Epiphany.
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