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Quincy Quarry is sad to announce that it had no choice but to name beleaguered Quincy taxpayers as the “Quincy’s Suckers of the Year ® ”
It did so not to denigrate already gravely as well as long abused Quincy Taxpayers.
Rather, it did so as a call to arms.
Reasons include the following as well as many more far too numerous to mention.
Providing favored city senior managers with surely one of the newer fleets of city rides in the Commonwealth.
Long funding payment of massive overtime pay to city workers – as well often, it would appear, to certain favored one.
Covering the cost for all manner of city employee hires, promotions and/or raises, including one in particular that will result in one heck of a woefully underfunded pension pop for sure to be a relatively short job tenure.
Paying for the various and all inclusive costs resulting from all manner of dubious hires and promotions later rebuked by – for example – the Civil Service Commission.
Suffering the costs of the mayor’s imploded plans for a new Quincy Center, including his use of bond authorized funds to pay for $2,800.00 in “commemorative pens” used to sign the now defaulted and so voided redevelopment agreement with Street-Works as well as roughly five-fold more spent on catering expenses for meetings.
Paying off these two suspect extravagances as well as all manner of other dubious expenditures will take as many as 38 years to pay off the $40 million in debt-financed funds which the mayor tapped to pay for these as well as many questionable expenditures.
Other local taxpayers’ burdens include having to pick up the tab for many millions in cost overruns on all manner of problematic city projects, other sure to be expensively delayed still pending projects, costly litigation lost that was then further as well as dubiously delayed by City Hall at great expense to local taxpayers, all manner of violations of federal environmental and labor laws, failures by the mayor to – well – just do his job  as well as all manner of other costly messes often covered with City Hall’s fingerprints.
And, as noted earlier, the above is but a short listing of City Hall’s free-spending ways
Whether – or not – Quincy taxpayers repeat as suckers in 2015 remains to be seen.
However, it is Quincy Quarry’s 2014 Christmas wish that they wise up in time to not repeat next year.
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The Russian Front is looking pretty good by comparision . . .

The Russian Front is looking pretty good in comparison . . .


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