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Quincy Center licensed business operators report that business is down this holiday season to significantly down from previous years, including those immediately following the Crash of 2008.
At least some store owners ascribe blame for at least some of the decline on the running late as well as behind schedule Hancock Street realignment construction project.
Customers are also said to be put off by both the burgeoning heroin zombie population as well as the loss of street parking spaces in the wake of the devastating old City Hall Fire.
On the other hand, recreational pharmaceutical-related sales in Quincy Center appear to be up, if not considerably so, yet again this year.

420-friendly training center - a Quincy Quarry photo

420-friendly learning center – a Quincy Quarry News photo

In particular, The New England Grass Roots Institute – arguably one of only two new non-tax exempt storefront businesses to have opened up shop in Quincy Center at time when many other businesses are calling it quits – appears to be gearing up for considerable growth after (semi,ed.) legalized medicinal marijuana comes to Quincy.
Similarly, Mayor Koch has already announced that the City will be enjoying a piece of the impending trafficking via a “host agreement.”
How any such payments due the City per the agreement will be effected, however, remains unclear given that strong federal asset seizure sanctions imposed upon those trafficking in federally-proscribed substances have led to banks all but refusing to do business with “medicinal” traffickers.
Syringe near Quincy Hysterical Society - a Quincy Quarry News photo

Syringe near Quincy Hysterical Society – a Quincy Quarry News photo

In any event, unarguably illicit drug trafficking looks to be ever increasing given a considerable rise in the number of doses of Narcan administered by Quincy Police and other area first responders to those who have overdosed on opiates.
Further, dramatically increased use of Narcan notwithstanding, death rates by overdosing also appear to continue to be increasing.
In turn, the law of supply and especially demand is increasing the cost of Narcan, which is expected to double for many providers.
Also doubling is the stock price of Narcan’s manufacturer from its initial public stock offering last summer.
QPD Chief Paul "The Beav" Keenan - a City of Quincy photo

QPD Chief Paul “The Beav” Keenan – a City of Quincy photo

Quincy Quarry was unable to obtain any statement from Quincy Police Chief and mayoral brother-in-law Paul “The Beav” Keenan on the soaring death rates from drug overdoses in spite of the considerable use of Narcan.
Then again, what public official cares to subject himself or herself to having to own up to having failed to properly appreciate the Law of Unintended Consequences?
Koch Maladministration officials in City Hall are similarly loath to face any more questions on why they did not secure perfectly standard project mitigation economic aid for the many local businesses now sorely impacted by the Hancock Street realignment project.
Neither does it likely wish to suffer any questions as to what they have planned to do instead with any such potential state and federal grant funding that could have been used to help local businesses survive during the project’s penance.
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