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Coddington Hall’s dangerously sideways trees have finally been righted well over three weeks after they were knocked sideways by back-to-back Nor’easters last month.
That and after repeated hard-hitting Quincy Quarry coverage about these sideways trees resultant clear as well as obvious risk to public safety.
Long ongoing danger notwithstanding, it would appear that the rightings were finally as well as hastily accomplished in conjunction with a project completion puff piece in the South Shore broadsheet.
So what, apparently, that city employees have been working in the building for over three months in a building which all but assuredly was in a state of but partial completion such that no commercial property would likely have been granted even but merely a temporary occupancy permits.

Trees dangerously sideways - a Quincy Quarry photo

Trees dangerously sideways – a Quincy Quarry photo

Fortunately – at least so far, disaster has not struck Coddington Hall as it did at City Hall given similar as well as as considerable project speed-up measures so as to at least try to mitigate running behind schedule as per the usual on Koch Maladministration projects.
With the past as prologue, one can only properly assume that a hand-picked team of workers cherry-picked overtime on this latest running way late City Project.
Further, while finally righted after weeks of inexplicable delay, lingering safety concerns are surely valid as the trees undoubtedly suffered root damage; however, no efforts were made to secure the trees against the impact of sure to hit major storms this coming winter.
As such, Quincy Quarry will continue to monitor this still fraught with danger situation.
Telephone pole no more hole in the ground - a Quincy Quarry News photo

Telephone pole no more hole in the foreground. A Quincy Quarry News photo – click on for larger image.

In the meanwhile, it is only fair to worry about the trees’ very viability given that they have long shown signs of stress given their ill-advised plantings during the hottest time of the year and thus against all standard landscaping best practices.
On a brighter note, at least one of the several now no longer in jerry-rigged use telephone poles has been removed in record time as compared to the many double poles in Quincy that have long blighted the local landscape.
Unfortunately, Quincy Quarry was not able to secure in time before publication deadlines an official statement from any city official as to when the other no longer in use poles will also be removed, much less any of the many double-poles elsewhere around town.
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