<![CDATA[One of many Park and Forestry Gold Pinstriped Rides - a Quincy   Quarry News Photo
– News about Quincy MA from Quincy Quarry
City of Quincy Park and Forestry vehicles have been named this year’s most pimped out rides on the South Shore by the South Shore Association of Auto Detailers.
Park and Forestry naming is unprecedented as rarely is any government department outside of fire departments provided with such finely customized rides.  Plus, fire fighters spend a lot of time polishing their rides and waxing their brass.

Most every little boy’s dream ride – a QualityPedalCars.com © photo

Most every little boy’s dream ride – a QualityPedalCars.com © photo

For example, while Quarry Quarry was not able to secure from its friends at WBZ-TV in time for publication a still photograph of the Park & Forestry ride long used by the mayor’s late brother and one time City Tree Warden, the Quarry can still note that not only did this ride have the standard Park & Forestry gold pin striping and other such garish flourishes, it also featured deluxe tool bins in its fenders, a near police grade light bar on the top of the cab as well as purportedly an auxiliary 40 gallon fuel tank for diesel fuel hauling and home heating oil delivery.
One fine ride - a Quincy Quarry News file photo

One fine ride. A Quincy Quarry News file photo – click on image for enlarged view.

Given other pressing matters, Quincy Quarry was similarly unable to send out in time a team to photograph the Park and Forestry’s immaculate trash truck at its regular afternoon stop at the Fore River Club House.
In any event, a special thanks is due Honeywell Corporation – but unlikely to be ever tendered – as its $4 million dollar settlement with the City of Quincy over heating equipment complainants never duly documented provided much of the funding for various of the latest additions to the Park and Forestry’s motor vehicle fleet.
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