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Quincy Center’s infamous sideways sidewalk has been hit with an utterly unexpected new design mystery: the use of asphalt instead of concrete.
Asphalt has also been inexplicably been used elsewhere along the surely behind schedule Hancock Street realignment project.
Is the use of asphalt a budget cutting move or a tacit acknowledgement that the project is running late as per local tradition and thus now too far into the cold time of the year to pour concrete?
As per standard practice, Quincy Quarry did not bother wasting any time reaching out to City Hall for comment on this latest snafu knowing all too well that none would be provided.

Chain saw massacre scene disturbed - a Quincy Quarry News photo

Streetlights now in street at chain saw massacre scene – a Quincy Quarry News photo

Whatever the rationalization, with already not always all that well-maintained streetlights in Quincy Center now relocated literally into the street, the Hancock Street realignment project is breaking new ground in the field of road design.
That and streetlight maintenance efforts post expected snowplow and other motor vehicle contact will surely further help set new lower lows for public safety in Quincy Center.
In the meanwhile, the Koch Maladministration is already setting new lows of ineptitude via its all but utter failure at only properly seeing to it that project abutters are duly advised in advance as to the work plans for the Hancock Street realignment project.
The only good news for Quincy residents is that it will be too cold for locusts until well into next summer.
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