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Quincy Coddington Hall telecommunication connections continue to be redone – and often – at what is the Koch Maladministration’s latest still running late unfinished as well as already way over budget mismanaged project.
As previously as well as oft-reported by Quincy Quarry, aerial telecommunication wires have been done – often sloppily – as well as redone at least several times.
After first going with temporary aerial cable so as to likely provide a necessary hard line fire alarm connection as well as surely but limited telecommunication between the City of Quincy’s Information Technology Department in the basement of Coddington Hall and all of the other city feather bed equipped offices scattered around town, cable was then also expensively snaked into underground conduit and so adding further insult to the many previous financial injuries of local taxpayers.

Quincy Fire Dept. Wire Truck

Quincy Fire Department Cherry Picking
Quincy Quarry News Photo

This repeated doing, redoing, and undoing ad nauseum have wreaked havoc. Not only has phone service so been put out of service and email not working, the historically poor management of City’s website repeatedly fell to levels of dysfunction previously thought to perhaps be impossible.
Inquiries made to a certain purported city information technologist  – and obvious aspirant to take over the Public Disinformation unit of the Koch Maladministration – as to how many times the Coddington Hall telecommunications connections have been worked, reworked  and then removed were not provided with responses.
Jerry-rigged wires on telephone pole Quincy Quarry News Photo

Jerry-rigged wires on telephone pole
Quincy Quarry News Photo

Quincy Quarry offers no opinion as to whether – or not – this PR flack wannabe has lost track of how many times things were done, redone and then undone or if he was just doing what is expected of the disinformation unit whenever subjected to well-warranted questioning.
Similarly, Quincy Quarry did not bother asking just how much this latest example of the Koch Maladministration’s all too frequent pattern of repeated temporary doings, misdoings, redoings and undoings has cost taxpayers.
The key reasons why not: City Hall neither wants the public to find out just how profligate it is at wasting money nor is it likely capable of merely but estimating just how much taxpayers-provided funds it has wasted on merely just this variously mismanaged project.
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Koch voguing with City Workers

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