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Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s latest plan to save Quincy Medical Center is a complete turnaround from his initial comments about this latest hole in Quincy.
Specifically, on Thursday of this week, Koch sadly stated that “(t)he numbers speak for themselves. The intakes, they’re not doing the volume they need. Either people are less sick or they’re going to other places because of the region we’re in.”
Dangling participle notwithstanding, for once the mayor showed some hint of a potential grasp of economics – specifically the concept of Creative Destruction.
The next day, however, this hopeful sign that he might finally be getting a clue was irreparable dashed to bits upon the release to the media copies of his letter to lame duck and widely rumored to be spiteful Marcia Chokely.
Wrote Koch, “While I understand the financial principles guiding Steward’s decision-making process, I firmly believe that we must do everything in our power to ensure that the interests of the employees of Quincy Medical Center and the residents of the City of Quincy are protected to every extent possible. Only a full investigation can meet that goal.”
While Koch’s request was seemingly appropriate per a literal read by someone absent local knowledge, Chokely is said to burst out laughing out loud for the first time anyone could recall when she was apprised of Koch’s requests – although various reports cited her response as more cackling in timbre.

Koch frowning, a Facebook photo

Koch frowning, a Facebook photo

Then again, perhaps Chokely will opt to initiate investigations into all manner of the goings on in Quincy during the Koch Maladministration – or at least ship her internal dossiers on it to female peer federal prosecutor Carmen Ortiz or at least shares them with incoming Massachusetts Attorney General-elect also female Maura Healy before Chokely thankfully as well as all but assuredly leaves public office come the end of this year.
Further curious to this letter’s latest possible latent display of a possible family tendency for Thanatos – or at least his well-known tendency changing his positions faster than the weather in New England given – for but one example – profoundly negative local polling data, Koch has also presented his plans for a replacing Quincy Medical Center with a 61 story glass tower.
Regardless of the widely ranging assortment of ever increasingly curious proposals foisted upon ever increasingly skeptical Quincy residents, none appear even remotely within the realm of being merely but perhaps potentially plausible.
Whether – or not more – even more similarly ill-conceived plans are to follow remains to be seen.
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