<![CDATA[google-watching-youQuincy Quarry has enjoyed such an active level of readership in just two months after its inaugural publication that it now sits near the top of the heap per Google’s SEO ranking metrics.
The Commonwealth’s powerhouse website understandable vaults the Department of Conservation and Recreation ranking for its Quincy Quarries page into first place. Next, local school students’ homework assignments surely secured the second slot for Wikipedia’s listing on the history of quarries in Quincy.
But batting third is Quincy Quarry – the new news medium in town.
Quincy Quarry has shot past such big stones contenders as the Quincy Quarry and Granite Workers Museum, the New York Times’ feature coverage about the history of Quincy’s 54 now former quarries and even one particularly epic 20 year old video on YouTube featuring three lucky to be alive and arguably foolhardy daredevils who survived a 125 foot dive into the pond at the bottom Swingle’s Quarry in West Quincy.

While Quincy Quarry has worked hard to achieve this level of success, it could not have happened without its innumerable readers following its hard hitting coverage of local events and especially the seemingly endless as well as innumerable foibles of City Hall.


Quincy, MA City Hall Fortifications
Quincy Quarry News Photo
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