Workers were working feverishly well after 5 pm and thus surely working at overtime pay rates on October 30 so as to attempt to complete sodding the Thomas P. Koch Parcourse by the end of October.
If successful, the laying of the sod would so be completed a month later than the last official completion date soft prediction tendered by a senior city official.
Specifically, at the end of August, City of Quincy Director of Parks & Forestry Executive Director Chris Cassani stated that “new sod should be laid at the site by the end of September.”
Per any reasonable interpretation, the work has thus taken twice as long to complete as anticipated. Accordingly, score this latest running late Koch Maladministration project as a “snowman” on your scorecard.

Parcourse Waffle Iron Section.Quincy Quarry News Photo

Parcourse Waffle Iron Section.
Quincy Quarry News Photo

Quincy Quarry news photos also indicate last minute changes in the parcourse.
Specifically, deletion of the hilly terrain section (See photo right).
Rumor has it that the cardiologist of a certain far from trim and fit senior elected city official insisted that this official only engage in the most minimal exertion during his inaugural run-through at the parcourse’s photo op dedication ceremonies once it is eventually completed.
As for the cost of this latest apparent change order, it is unlikely that is will ever be known short of pursuing yet another Freedom of Record request compliance order imposed upon the City of Quincy by the Massachusetts Secretary of State.
In any event, no word has yet to be announced by City Hall as to the also rumored dedication of the adjacent parking lot as a memorial parking lot.
Apparently, the bids on the planned heroic statutory ran significantly over the usual over budget figures given the amount of bronze needed to replicate the girth of the said to be eventually honored party.
In the meanwhile, work on the parking lot has been suspended so as to endeavor to perhaps complete laying the sod at the parcourse before the start of November.
Fortunately for at least some city employees, they continue to feel free to park their city rides wherever they want and thus are not impacted by the long ongoing parking carmageddon in Quincy Center.

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