Apparent parking abuse by city employees continues to be all but rampant while the general public suffers in the wake of the loss of dozens of street parking spaces in Quincy Center given the Hancock Street realignment construction project. Similarly, even more street parking spaces are also no longer available for use in the wake of the recent surely easy to have been prevented devastating fire in old City Hall.
Even worse, however, such parking abuse now appears to also be exacerbating the incidence of local traffic accidents.
As one can see from the accompanying exclusive Quincy Quarry photos, a government license plated vehicle and an identical vehicle are parked in the middle of the street in front of City Hall.

City Employees Parking Badly Quincy Quarry News Photo

City Employees Parking Badly
Quincy Quarry News Photo

While the Quarry has not confirmed ownership of these vehicles, these near new and well-equipped large 7 passenger SUV’s are exactly the same model that the Koch Maladministration has purchased and then provided as city rides to a number of its key patronage job loyalists. (See photo license plate right)
This incident of parking in literally the middle of the street appears to have contributed to a traffic accident. Given these black SUV’s taking up space in a lane of traffic in the middle of the busy rotary of a sort in front of City Hall, a truck and trailer changing lanes clipped the front of another vehicle and so caused considerable as well as surely expensive cosmetic damage to an innocent third party’s gray SUV.
Driver fleeing scene in Quincy Quincy Quarry News Photo

Accident scene in Quincy
Quincy Quarry News Photo

The driver of the truck and trailer, however, drove off without stopping and apparently no one was able to catch either the truck’s or the trailer’s license plate numbers. (See photo left)
Quincy Quarry staff coincidentally on the scene pointed out the impact of these surely illegal parking in the middle of the street SUV’s to a passing lieutenant with the State Police, the first police officer at the scene of this accident.
The same information was also shared with the Quincy Police. Whether or not this information will be followed up with by the Quincy Police remains to be seen, however.
Either way, neither of apparently illegally parked SUV’s appears to have been hit with parking tickets.
Apparently also “do you know who I am?” continues to be alive and well in the Q.

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