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Completion of a Quincy Center park project is behind schedule as yet another Koch project is running late as well as probably also going over budget.
While Koch Maladministration projects running late is not exactly news, this latest running late Koch project case does offer up an interesting twist.
As previously reported in the South Shore broadsheet and reprised by Quincy Quarry, City of Quincy Director of Parks & Forestry Executive Director Chris Cassani stated that “new sod should be laid at the site by the end of September. He said the project – to include a new stone wall, benches and parking spaces – should be mostly finished and open to the public in November.”
In spite of Mr. Cassini attempts to carefully hedge specificity as to an actual eventual project completion date, October is about to begin and not only has no sod been laid at the site of the Thomas P. Koch Parcourse Park, it is clear that sod will not be laid at the site anytime soon. Weeds growing, yes – but no sod.
On the bright side of things, the ever increasing delay on this project will all but assure that Mayor Koch will have to wear warm-ups instead of shorts during his inaugural run through the parcourse during its sure to be gala as usual photo op dedication sometime perhaps before the end of 2014.
As readers will recall, this event was previously broached in yet another Quincy Quarry exclusive.
Conversely, local overnight campers as well as recreational apothecary shoppers at the Quincy Center MBTA station are anxiously looking forward to the protection from prying eyes that will be accorded to them by the new retaining wall at the site of the Koch Parcourse.
A further downside: Quincy Quarry has yet to be able to find anything about any plans for the also expected memorial parking lot memorial edifice. It will, however, report as soon as possible as this and other impertinent information becomes available.
Similarly troubling, Quincy Quarry has yet to be able to find out when – if ever – the two mini-parks along the Town Brook flanking the intersections of Mechanic Street and Revere Road might ever be named and then formally dedicated.
Given that these parks were completed well over a year ago, abutters are desperately awaiting their naming so that they will have names to use when calling police to report incidents of problematic activity at these parks.
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