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One of a number of Coddington Hall renovation construction and cost overrun concerns first broached via exclusive coverage by Quincy Quarry has been found to be valid.
As detailed in hard-hitting follow up coverage by Quincy Quarry, the jerry-rigged copper wire phone line into Coddington Hall installed to affect compliance with building code requirements for a hardwire phone line fire alarm system has since been confirmed as but a temporary means to secure a temporary occupancy permit for the building.
Months late, construction work is only now wrapping up on providing permanent telecommunication line service to Coddington Hall via a permanent underground and in conduit fiber optic cable (See photo, left)
Apparently, the slack time provided by failing to complete the project on time was insufficient to mask this particular shortcoming on this latest less than well-managed project by the Koch Maladministration.
Amazingly, city officials did not endeavor to foist blame unfairly on Verizon or other utilities. Perhaps that the utilities have documentation as to when the city requested that the work be done and then effected payment for same played a role in precluding the usual scapegoating of innocents.
While the jerry-rigged copper wire phone line technically meets code and fire alarm safety requirements, Quincy Quarry has been advised by knowledgeable parties that the city’s quick fix to provide a hard-wire alarm link to the Quincy Fire Department would likely never have been considered sufficient for even but a temporary occupancy permit on a private sector construction project.
Additionally, the jerry-rigged nature of the work done in this instance would all but assuredly not be considered as acceptable as a permanent connection for the required hard-wire fire alarm system. (insert/reuse picture # 206)
Further troubling, it would appear to still be some days, if not weeks, before the changeover to the permanent conduit telecommunications connection will be completed.
As Quincy Quarry knows better than to waste its time asking city officials for comprehensive comments as none is ever forthcoming, it has no explanation for why this do it twice waste of money was needed.
Plus, the always reliable Quincy Quarry source “French Kiss” when it comes to matters conducted behind closed doors in City Hall advised the Quarry that the two key city officials figures media would normally endeavor to contact with questions about this latest Koch Maladministration do-over and cost overrun were all but overwhelmed preparing for, undergoing and then recovering from depositions in the latest legal dispute involving the maladministration.
Quincy Quarry readers can expect that the underlying latest legal concern facing the Koch Maladministration to be featured in upcoming local news coverage.
Quincy Quarry is also continuing to follow up on the other apparent problems with the Coddington Hall renovation project and will report on same as soon as possible.]]>

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