The Quincy Center parking crisis worsens with local deceased also now gravely impacted.
Just as locals were thinking that perhaps it was again safe to drive in Quincy Center, earlier this week temporary fencing, even more traffic cones as well as now concrete Jersey barriers were unexpectedly placed both in the front of old City Hall and across the front of historic Hancock Cemetery, so taking out of service one lane of traffic along Hancock Street southbound as well as a number of parking spaces in already parking space scare Quincy Center.
While the loss of a lane of traffic will provide a taste of the traffic lane reductions that will be imposed in the heart of Quincy Center once the Hancock Street realignment project is perhaps completed by the end of 2015, both the hordes of tourists visiting Quincy as well as relatives paying their respects to family members interred in the cemetery have concurrently been gravely inconvenienced by this latest unannounced loss of parking.
Nearby businesses are also surely suffering over this latest loss of parking as well as by the interrelated disruption of traffic in Quincy Center.
Even before this latest loss of parking, one local merchant reports that a customer called to complain that the store owner had to do something about the loss of parking and construction mess along Hancock Street.
Understandable pleas that City Hall doesn’t listen in response to this customer’s complaints fell on similarly deaf ears.
Quincy Center small businesses as well as many others in Quincy Center have long been struggling to stay in business in the wake of the collapse of Mayor Koch’s grandiose plans for redeveloping Quincy Center.
Now, however, things have become even worse given Mayor Koch’s abject failure to seek standard business disruption grant funding so as to soften the impact of the Hancock Street realignment project upon local businesses.
Per an informal poll, only Napoli’s, a lunch time favorite of Mayor Koch, reported relatively stable business.
Quincy Quarry considered endeavoring an “ambush interview” of Mayor Koch when he pulled into his reserved and free parking space behind new City Hall so as to at least attempt to secure answers from him on this latest crisis caused by his mis-administration; however, it decided not to do so given that one of the mayor’s brothers-in-law is Chief of Police Paul “The Beav” Kennan as well as that Quincy Quarry has yet to secure standard issue press credentials from the Quincy Police Department.]]>

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