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Part Two of a Series
Mirroring the Watergate Scandal and Nixon Tapes, following is a verbatim from memory recounting and thus a legally unrestricted transcription of a recent conference call overheard inside of Quincy’s City Hall.
In turn, this transcript was provided by “French Kiss” to Quincy Quarry investigative reporter Carl Woodward late one night in a parking garage that shall remain undisclosed until Quincy Quarry finishes wrapping up a movie deal with Penultimate Studios.
“Mayor Koch, George Raygun is on the encrypted and thus secure phone line.”
City of Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch: George, thanks for following up so quickly – things are a little dicey for me right now.
George Raygun – President, Raygun Prevarications: Tom, I had my people take a look at Quincy Quarry as you requested.
Mayor Tom Koch: Great – what’s your plan to thoroughly discredit Quincy Quarry?
George Raygun: Discredit it? I want to HIRE the Quincy Quarry team. Their mastery of electronic media is breathtaking. My tech people are in awe of what all Quincy Quarry has done – so much so that I now realize that I have long been overpaying those slacker geeks.
Mayor Koch: But George, Quincy Quarry is making me look like a fool.
George: Tom, in all honesty, the Quarry stuff is spot on, not to mention that such is another reason I want to retain its talent. Plus, you do make it easy for them.
More importantly, the Quarry team is unbelievably effective at successfully conveying things to the public – especially when it comes to untangling subterfuge and utterly bogus spin. After all, look what it did to you – not to mention so quickly.
My only real concern is whether or not I can convince the Quincy Quarry team to come over to the Dark Side.
Tom: But George, think of our years of association, your ties to Quincy, the fees I have paid to your firm out of my campaign fund.
George: Tom, allow me to be candid. I took you on as a client as a personal favor to Josephine & Joe. Heck, I even gave you the family & friends discount.
In turn, however, you have been beyond slow pay and, quite frankly, I am tired of having OCPF investigators constantly calling to ask questions that I really don’t care to answer – especially not ever while under oath.
I am good at changing the subject. Damned good as a matter of fact – but sooner or later, state investigators are sure to find something and if what’s found is up to Carmen to prosecute, I will be singing like a canary. I have no desire to run up the sort of legal bills that Tim and Sal have faced, much less hang with Sal in Butner.
Tom: But George . . .
George: No but George’s – you’re the one who keeps digging yourself into trouble all by yourself and there is only so much that I can do afterwards to attempt to bail you out. Plus, what you need at this point is an able attorney, not more spin. Listen to me – for a change: do NOT go with yet another local bff of yours for your mouthpiece.
Everyone thinks that your million dollar and so-called expert real estate attorney is the go-to political defense attorney, but look what happen to Sal. Plus, your guy didn’t so much save Billy as Billy made a call to Whitey – problems so solved for Billy, at least as far as saving Billy’s pension.
Tom: But George, what do I do now? We both know that my in-house team was hand-picked to make me look good. As such, who can I rely on other than you?
George: Tommy – again: no but’s. No mas – I have done all that I can.
Why not ask your buddy FlynnFlam for help? After all, the two of you know how to cut fat deals selling and buying swampland.
Oh, and before I forget: did you ever look up that banker in the Cayman Islands?
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