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A chowderhead at the annual Hough’s Neck Chowdafest allegedly crashed this otherwise peaceful event.

As the 10th annual Hough’s Neck “Chowdafest” on Saturday the 13th at the Hough’s Neck Maritime Center adjacent to the Quincy Police Department Marine unit dock was winding down, a neighborhood resident reportedly became both annoyed as well as annoying.

Eyewitnesses report that one of the many narrow streets on the Neck was blocked by a truck that was being used to help with the clean up late Saturday afternoon at this well-known and always well-attended annual event.

Reports further have it that the apparently annoyed neighborhood resident so become upset over not being able to drive a hundred feet or thereabouts to his residence in – allegedly – his company-provided truck after an afternoon of suspected “good cheer.”

Quincy Quarry is well aware of the problems with street blockages on the Neck, especially when it comes to snow plowing shortcomings during winter if one is not close to the Ward One City Councillor or a Koch relative.

As such, Quincy Quarry thus has some at least initial appreciation of the frustration of said driver.

Parking is becoming increasingly scarce in the Q.  So much so that parking rage has become all too common in Quincy, especially in Quincy Center.

However, witnesses allege that inappropriate words were apparently said, tempers allegedly flared and the blocked driver is further said to become abusive with landscaping items such as potted plants and yard gnome sorts of things as well as engaged in other sorts of alleged inappropriate behavior.

Police were called and civilian pictures of the carnage taken.


Citizen Journalist submitted photo

Understandable frustration over a blocked street notwithstanding, Quincy Quarry refuses to ignore duly reporting on such alleged violence inflicted upon innocent plants and gnomes.

Reports further have it that the responding female Quincy Police Officer spoke with the alleged landscaping batterer.

Following a conversation that this particular Quincy Police Officer clearly did not relish undertaking, she then apparently told neighbors essentially that there was “nothing to see here, so move along folks” – reasonable suspicions of OUI notwithstanding – as apparently no citations or other formal actions were imposed upon the alleged “chowderhead.”

QPD Chief Paul "The Beav" Keenan - a City of Quincy photo

QPD Chief Paul “The Beav” Keenan
An official City of Quincy mugshot

Quincy Quarry has no comment from Quincy Police Department Chief Paul “The Beav” Keenan about this incident.

Then again, Quincy Quarry knows all too well that there was no reason to bother trying to obtain any such comment as one would likely never be forthcoming from him about anything involving Quincy Police Department personnel, most especially as regards anything that might ever involve his son, ecently sworn in Quincy Police Officer Andrew Keenan.

Rock Island Road LobsterA now thankfully former Facebook avatar image

Ward Councillor Margaret LaForest
A onetime Facebook avatar image

Quincy Quarry also has no comment from Ward One Councillor Margaret LaForest about this alleged incident of landscaping abuse. Key reasons include that additional reports have it that Laforest has apparently as well as repeatedly failed to duly respond to germane neighborhood concerns about this now clearly dangerous part of town and Quincy Quarry thus sees no point in so being similarly ignored.

In the meanwhile, the yard gnome is still in the Intensive Care Unit at Quincy Hospital as well as said to be in guarded to grave condition.

Editor’s Note: Nancy Drue had assistance writing this story from an anonymous local Citizen Journalist/Victim.

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