Quincy law enforcement officials raided an apparently uninhabited duplex on Kidder Street in Quincy and rescued a pack of 7 “Doberdoddles” dogs on Tuesday.
Fortunately, there were no reports of ankle biting or worse suffered during the raid.
For the ugly particulars on this case of animal abuse, see the coverage by the Patriot Ledger as well as the usual proved by other major Metro Boston media.
Quincy Quarry, on the other hand, is going another way with its coverage on this sad story.
This instance of alleged animal abuse appears to be a case of animal hoarding, the all too often tragic outcome of a putative mental health disorder of the hoarding pet owner.
While not offering up an excuse for such abuse, understanding this problem has merit – including learning how to spot it when it happens and then reporting it to the appropriate local officials.
Such a disorder also goes a long ways to explain the alleged abuser’s unarguably bizarre decision to breed “Dooberdoddles” and so produce yet another example of typically expensive designer crossbreeds that were once simply referred to as mutts.
Fortunately for these seized and said to be in less than great condition dogs, the City of Quincy is fortunate to have the all-volunteer Quincy Animal Shelter supporting the city’s Animal Control unit. The shelter’s many volunteers and legions of supporters have long made it possible for seized, stray and surrendered animals to enjoy food, shelter, medical care and any needed training until such time as they are adopted by responsible people.
Barring irremediable behavioral or health problems, homeless cats and dogs in Quincy are thus fortunate to have a local no-kill shelter option, with literally thousands of them eventually placed into “forever homes” over the years via the efforts of shelter volunteers.
Should any QQ readers care to help out with the expense of this unexpected large influx of dogs into the shelter’s care and that may have to stay under the control of Animal Control for a time given court proceedings, please do so.
For financial donations to the Animal Shelter, click donate with PayPal also note that other ways to help the shelter are listed on the Quincy Animal Shelter’s homepage.

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