<![CDATA[President's Inn No More
The Presidents Inn – long a popular local venue for afternoon assignations as well as emergency residence for homeless families but not nearly as much actual criminal activity in recent years as local urban myths allege – is no more.
After years of having been subjected to more hoop jumpings than a pride of circus lions, the owner of the inn was finally permitted to redo the property into a modern and perfectly typical mid-market motel.
Further, it has been reported elsewhere that the Presidents Inn will reopen as a Howard Johnson’s affiliate/franchise and thus will be an homage to the fact that HoJo’s got its start in the Q.
Quincy Police Department Chief Paul “The Beaver” Keenan had nothing to say to Quincy Quarry about the end of an era at this checkered local landmark as it did not reach out to him for comment.]]>

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