cliffords-flower-shop-quincyWhile technically still operating in Quincy, Clifford’s Flowers, a local florist for over 60 years, still qualifies for unfortunate mention in Flew the Q as it has suffered, well, a twofer. 
First, events outside of its control behooved it to recently relocate to 86 Liberty St, an utterly non-retail neighborhood just off Burgin Parkway in South Quincy. 
Why? For one thing, its longtime Ricciuti Drive warehouse tenancy was terminated months ago so as to allow a medicinal marijuana head shop to perhaps eventually open up in the Q
Clifford’s also then gave up its longtime location on Hancock Street in Quincy Center so as to mitigate its overhead expenses and where more than a few locals have mistakenly thought that Q’s pending head shop was going to set up shop. 
Who knew that any commercial space rents were still high in Quincy Center?
Plus, there is no way that a “legal” medicinal pot shop could successfully compete with the often bizarre recreational drug apothecary bazaar that surrounds the Quincy MBTA station,


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