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Quincy students and residents seem puzzled by the unusual architecture on display at the new Quincy Central Middle School. “It looks like a giant salt shaker” exclaimed one bewildered 5th grader.
School staff also report that a number of people have come to the new school thinking it was a renovated Lori Ann’s Restaurant, formerly known as the Egg & I.
As such, the Quincy Quarry will be reviewing the cuisine at Central for a feature in the Quincy Quarry Snarq After Dark section as soon as possible.
Some parents opined the tower’s design was patterned after a lighthouse to harken back to the now long gone good-old-days when local residents working in the private sector at the Fore River Shipyard had high-paying jobs and steady employment.
“Lighthouse?” a seemingly bright 6th grader asked in response.  “Why would we have a lighthouse when we are nowhere near the ocean?” asked Sturgeon Chow 12, of Wollaston.
The Quincy Public Schools Department did not return our calls because we didn’t make any.
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